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donald trump whine


Presidential behavior, brought to by Donald Trump (the man who can’t handle a debate moderator, but thinks he can handle foreign leaders):

donald trump insecure

What’s the matter, did someone say something mean about you?  Poor baby.

screenshot-twitter.com 2016-01-21 22-03-03

If they dislike me, they must be failing for I – and I only – determine success!

screenshot-twitter.com 2016-01-21 21-37-10

I hate it when people use the constitutional right of free speech to disagree with me.  It makes me so upset that I have to whine on Twitter just like petulant child.

Oh, and without poll numbers, I am nothing.  Polls make or break me.  I constantly need reassurance that I’m popular.

screenshot-twitter.com 2016-01-21 21-37-01

Karl dislikes me!  I hate when people say mean things about me!  But rather than confront him or debate him, I’ll bully him from Twitter.  I’ll be a great president.  Really good at diplomacy.

screenshot-twitter.com 2016-01-21 20-35-16

Amy and Maggie are so mean, they used the freedom of the press to report about actual happenings.  I hate freedom.

I didn’t like what they said – even if they were right, it doesn’t matter – so now here I am on Twitter, complaining because even my yes-men can’t cheer me up.

screenshot-twitter.com 2016-01-21 20-25-16

And by begging I mean politely asking given the large circulation of the upcoming issue.  But that doesn’t matter.  They also used freedom to endorse someone other than me.  Like any spoiled child accustomed to receiving everything wanted in life (like a million dollars from Daddy), I don’t know what to do when I don’t get something I want!  So I hide behind a phone and kick and scream and cry because that makes me feel powerful.

screenshot-twitter.com 2016-01-21 20-22-38

STOP STUART FROM SAYING MEAN THINGS ABOUT ME!  It hurts my feelings when someone doesn’t like my policies.  This freedom of speech thing really sucks.

screenshot-twitter.com 2016-01-21 20-22-18

I must respond to every little petty insult because behind my charade of toughness and masculinity there’s a little child, peeping out from behind Daddy’s leg, looking at the world with big, frightened eyes, scared that people will dislike me for my extremism and will think I am no longer relevant.

All I crave is relevance and acceptance.  If I don’t get that, well, like a real, true, tough man, I’ll yell from Twitter.

screenshot-twitter.com 2016-01-21 20-20-51

He MUST have zero credibility because he doesn’t like me!  That explains it.  So many people dislike me, but that’s because of them, not because of me.  I am perfect and almighty and I’ll use social media to make sure everyone knows it.

screenshot-twitter.com 2016-01-21 20-17-40

Only losers dislike me.  I learned that word in third grade and never stopped using it.  I think it makes me look brusque and tough.  Don’t you?

screenshot-twitter.com 2016-01-21 20-17-28

There’s that damn freedom of the press again!

screenshot-twitter.com 2016-01-21 20-14-51

Glenn’s crying, despite the tears that keep dropping onto my phone because yet another person doesn’t like me.  All I ever wanted is to be liked.  That’s why I ran for president.  Glenn is just so mean.  I’m not mean.  Look at my tweets, I am a perfectly nice fellow…right?

screenshot-twitter.com 2016-01-21 20-12-14

Why don’t they focus on the crowd instead of me?  But if they showed anything other than me, I’d probably be upset too.  It’s so hard to manipulate and win with the freedom of a neutral press!  I guess I’ll stick to insulting them.  If you can’t join ‘em, insult them from Twitter, I always say.

screenshot-twitter.com 2016-01-21 20-11-30

FREEDOM OF THE PRESS IS THE WORST THING EVER.  WHY DO WE HAVE A CONSTITUTION IF IT ONLY ALLOWS PEOPLE TO SAY REALLY MEAN THINGS ABOUT ME.  How dare they vet me and how dare they look into my extreme and radical policy ideas.  This is just so frustrating.  If my skin were only a little thicker…

screenshot-twitter.com 2016-01-21 20-09-43


People have opinions.  I really hate that, especially when the opinions are mean towards me.  So I’ll call everyone who disagrees with me a loser.  President here I come.


Ladies and gentlemen, these tweets show just over a month of the thin-skinned, angsty, and insecure Donald Trump attacking, from the safety and distance of social media, people who disagree with him.  Trump is a man defined by ego yet riddled with insecurities.  He strives to be accepted and liked, but when that doesn’t happen, he resorts to elementary school practices: insulting and calling names until he bullies his way to the (perceived) top.

How can we expect Trump to stand up to China when he cowers in the face of media or consultant criticism?

He’s an insecure, whimpy, whiny child who knows only the hubris and excess that comes with a spoiled childhood.  He has no clue how to cope or handle those who dislike him.  Trump displays the emotional intelligence of an 8 year old.

This man wants to be Commander-in-Chief.  He wants to negotiate with foreign leaders, lead the country when at war, and establish an agenda to push through Congress.  The last time I checked, no foreign president or congressional operative takes kindly to bullying.  Neither ally nor enemy will be swayed by Trump’s childish Twitter antics.  In fact, Trump’s Twitter silliness only embarrasses his name and that of the United States.  Foreign diplomacy is not conducted by saying truly childish things on Twitter.  It takes a grown and confident man to confront world leaders.  Trump does not show those strengths.

On the other hand, Trump’s insecurity would put us in a dangerous position.  Vladimir Putin already figured out how to manipulate Trump: all one has to do is complement him.  Praise Trump and he will forever be in your pockets; hence the songs Trump now sings about Putin.  That’s true weakness – simple grandstanding by any foreign leader breaks Trump and all for which he claims to stand.

That’s not how a president acts and behaves.

Trump is not presidential material.  Don’t endanger the United States.  Don’t let insecurity and whines cripple the country.  Don’t vote for Donald J. Trump.


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