Vote for Freedom

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Vote for Freedom

A vote for Trump is a vote against Freedom.

America, sweet land of liberty.  A country founded on the premise of freedom.  Ronald Reagan argued that “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”  Right now, we’re reaching that generational moment in which freedom might be lost.

Donald J. Trump, the leading Republican candidate, is hell-bent on destroying American freedom.  His ideas are dangerous.  Radical.  Fascist.  Fascism and freedom are antonyms – you can’t have both.  And Trump is opting for authoritarianism.

Press represents a free society’s underpinnings.  We need them to cover politicians without threat of retribution.  The press is crucial to maintaining an informed electorate capable of vetting candidates and analyzing policy.  Trump is not much a free press fan.  He bashes reporters who say anything infinitesimally close to negative about them – never mind that it’s their job to report political behavior.  All it takes is a word from Trump and his right-winged forces mercilessly attack a reporter who dared use the freedom of speech and press to observe and write.  Just look at the threats made to McKay Coppins.

Trump often talks about suing papers who don’t profusely and constantly flatter him.  That’s intimidation and bullying – things he’s good at when feeling threatened - that inhibit the press from covering him (the threat of a frivolous law discourages smaller papers from even trying to cover Trump with any journalistic integrity).  When the press suffers, democracy suffers.  Trump is certainly trying to undermine the very freedoms that established this country: free press and free speech.

But, of course, that’s not all Trump wants to do to attack basic American freedoms.

Trump will surveil places of religious worship.  This necessarily violates a scared principle of the Constitution – religious freedom.  America’s founders escaped European religious persecution, coming to America, in part, to worship in peace and without threat of violence.  These principles found embodiment in the First Amendment – the singular greatest protector of freedom – and in early writings, such as those by Thomas Jefferson, a Republican idol.

Surveilling places of worship violates long-established American culture.  It makes a mockery out of the Constitution.  It transgresses the very principles our forefathers sought to establish on the new continent.

But Trump doesn’t stop there.  He wants to ban all Muslims from entering the country.  Such a policy mimics those used to limit immigration of Germans, Italians, Eastern Europeans, Japanese, Chinese, and countless ethnic groups because of fear.  Moreover, it’s a gross generalization of an entire religion.  More than 5000 Muslims currently serve in the US military.  These individuals are patriotic.  Dedicated to their country, they will sacrifice their lives to keep us safe.  Yet Trump ignores that patriotism and the love for America many Muslims embody and instead wants to unilaterally ban all Muslims from entering the country.  That’s not freedom. Freedom, America’s founding premise, says that we should welcome those who want to enter, granting them the liberties and rights that make America great.

Lastly, Trump wants to deport 11 million individuals who so ardently seek the American Dream.  They entered the country hoping to accomplish the goals we all share – providing for family, achieving upward mobility, and establishing a better life in the greatest country in the world.  These dreamers, wide-eyed with hope, motivated by desperation, seek nothing but a better life.  They seek the Promise of America – freedom, liberty, and the ability to use God-given talents to create a better life for them and their children.  Trump wants to break that Promise; he wants to limit freedom to only a select few he deems worthy.  Beyond the immense economic catastrophe Trump’s plan would cause – rising prices and a dramatic recession, to note but two effects – Trump’s plan is un-American.

Trump wants to stomp on freedom.  Trample it, throw it to the dogs.  Any visages of freedom – the greatness of America – he will remove in hopes of regressing the country back to colonial times.

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