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The other day, Senator Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) decided to ask Donald Trump a few questions about his policy beliefs, as any good Senator and caring citizen would do. 2016-01-29 2016-01-29 21-12-32donald trump iowa caucus

Perfectly polite and complimentary.  He soon turned to policy.  It’s worth noting that Senator Sasse is a deep conservative who ardently believes in small-government principles. 2016-01-29 20-46-23

A fair question considering it’s an election in which ideas and adherence to them should be discussed.

donald trump iowa caucus

This is a Republican primary, after all, and Trump had previously stated opposition to the concept of the Second Amendment and guns. 2016-01-29 20-45-03

This question pertains to a huge (yuuge) one time tax Donald Trump proposed.  In an election of issues and policy discourse, this is a question that must be addressed. 2016-01-29 20-44-45

If Trump is going to attack Bill Clinton for his affair, it means that his many publicized ones (he brags about them in “The Art of the Deal”) are also fair game. 2016-01-29 20-39-58

A salient, basic policy question in a Republican primary.

Apparently, Donald Trump didn’t take too kindly to a Senator and citizen asking him about policy and hypocritical statements. 2016-01-29 20-31-11

No, Senator Sasse wants to understand your policy viewpoints, Mr. Trump, seeing as they change every couple of years. 2016-01-29 20-29-45

A classic move.  When one cannot respond to a question or argument, he or she will stoop to invective and ad hominem attacks. 2016-01-29 20-29-12

“Who is easy.”  This is a constant Donald Trump theme: Attack anyone who questions him.  That’s not a how a president should behave and that’s certainly not how someone should treat a concerned citizen.  You can’t insult your way to the presidency, Mr. Trump.  If you’re going to run in a democracy, you have to answer questions about your beliefs and you have to address past statements made pertaining to public policy.  Running away from those responsibilities and simple duties immediately disqualifies him from being president.


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