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Trump is a danger to America – he’s a threat to our liberty and freedom.  We cannot allow him to win the presidency and for sake of our political discourse, he cannot win the Republican nomination.  Check out our anti-Trump articles and, if you like them, please consider donating so we can reach a wider audience.  Thank you!

Donald Trump: Simply Pathetic

Trump’s response to policy questions demonstrates vast ignorance and an unwillingness to address real issues.


Should we really give nuclear launch codes to a man so insecure he continually fixates on the size of his hands?


When things don’t go his way, Trump takes to Twitter to whine (like a loser).

Make America White Again

Donald Trump has one goal – make America white again.

Vote for Freedom

Trump wants to strip fundamental rights.  We cannot let him.

A Thought on Trump

The campaign is a sham meant to mollify his insecurity and strengthen his brand.

The Many Lies of Trump

For a man who “tells it like it is,” Trump really does not “tell it like it is.”

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