Make America White Again

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make america white again

Make America White Again

Donald Trump has a grand vision: Make America White Again.

He and his supporters romanticize 1950s America, when Mexicans could still be called “wetbacks,” black lives didn’t matter – they were simply “house negroes” – and donning a white hood to enact vigilante justice normal, even encouraged when it meant keeping African Americans from voting.

Women didn’t work and manufacturing jobs were abundant.  Highways were smooth; gays and lesbians ferreted out from their social ranks and cast aside, denounced freely and widely as “faggots” and “pinks.”  Children went to all-white schools on buses devoid of diversity.  Home ownership boomed, as long as you were white, and elections pitted white coalition against white coalition – there was no need to cater to minority viewpoints.

This is Trump’s idealized America, the one to which he and his supporters cling.  America, to them, doesn’t belong to millions of immigrant dreamers, searching, hoping, praying for better lives for their posterity.  Nor does it belong to those of foreign religion, a peace-seeking group tainted by the perverted actions of a select few but who are somehow held accountable.  It’s an America without political correctness, but also without acceptance and basic human rights for many.

Trump and his supporters desperately fear an America wherein minority voters outnumber white voters; where different religion – new, scary, foreign religions – seek free exercise without surveillance or a registry.  They fear losing white power.  They crave an economic order long gone.  They, above all, fear change.

America’s existence can broadly be defined by fearing change and those who bring it.  Anti-immigrant sentiment flairs every generation when new individuals from different countries trek to America, wide-eyed with dreams of success and prosperity.  German, Catholic, Irish, Easter-European, Chinese, Japanese, and now Mexican – each new immigrant group experienced hatred upon their arrival.  It’s a continued American blight that comes from inherent fear of foreigners.

Trump’s policies only further that end.  Seeking to deport 11 million dreamers and American aspirants and wanting to forbid all entrants to the country based solely on religion defiles the American ideal and causes the Statue of Liberty to hang her head in disgust.  Fear mongering that America’s whiteness will be lost.  It’s disgusting, bigoted, hate-filled, and nativist.  It’s defining Republican politics.

A reversion – a regression – to America’s past is what Trump wants.  He wants progress to cease and the tide of history to be reversed.  His supporters want the country to look like them: white.  Enough with the hopes of millions.  Enough with America being the sweet land of liberty to which all strive.  Enough with the melting pot that’s yielded and contributed to America’s multigenerational greatness.

It’s time to make America white again.

It’s time to let hate, fear, and demagoguery rule the day.

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