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Progressives for Prosperity is a political action committee (PAC) dedicated to the advancement of progressive ideals throughout the country.

Why progressive?
We’ve seen the destructive work of conservatives and neoliberals. An unbridled belief in the free market, relentless attacks on gay and reproductive rights, and constant fear-mongering over unrealized “threats” lead to a society defined by dangerous income inequality, a lack of natural rights and liberty for many citizens, and authoritarian policies supported by fear.

That needs to change.

Together, we can fight to:
• Lower income inequality
• Provide inalienable rights to everyone in the country
• Prioritize K-University education for all
• Solve the immigration crisis without being blinded by xenophobia
• Create a better country for us and our children

From Franklin Roosevelt to Lyndon Johnson and now Barack Obama, we’ve seen the benefits of pursuing liberal policies. These presidents formed a just society with wide safety nets to catch us when the economic engine stalls. Progressive ideals focus on the middle class – the most important element in a strong economy. Results branch out, raising the lower- and upper-classes in a sea of prosperity.
Enough with top-to-bottom economic policies and the withholding of rights.

Let’s fight for progressive policies.

Let’s fight for prosperity and liberty for all.

How you can help
We rely on donations to make a difference. Unfortunately, politics isn’t cheap. It takes money to incite change to change the route of the nation. Progressives for Prosperity needs donations to produce advertisements and literature pieces that can impact the ideology of the nation. We’re in this together. Please donate to make a difference.

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