A Thought on Trump

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A Thought on Trump

Donald Trump supporters are being duped.

They’re being taken for a ride by a maniacal egomaniac.

Why?  Because Trump’s candidacy is defined by and riddled with hypocrisy.  Take, for instance, his claim that he would be best in defeating ISIS, a statement that polls well among those Trump takes for suckers.  If that were the case, why is Trump and his policy viewpoints being used in a recruitment video for a renowned terrorist organization?  Why are Trump’s face and message being used to create terror?  To urge vulnerable individuals to commit heinous acts of violence?

Words have meaning.  Trump forgets this, likely because he grew up without the threat of repercussions.  Without trade-offs.  Without fear.  His ignorance to ramifications leads to divisive rhetoric that drives away our allies and and threatens our safety.

Trump doesn’t care about the country.  He has no interest in keeping America great.  He simply wants to make money – he’s greedy.  Hence 25 percent of all his campaign spending going to his own companies.  Oh, and that money has been donated.  He’s not self-funding.  It’s impossible to profit from a campaign if he pours in solely his money.  So instead he’s taking donated money from you and padding his own pockets.  Yet another of the many hypocritical statements and lies made by Donald Trump.

Nor is Trump tough.  Trump yearns to fit in with the establishment.  He’s spent years trying to stay relevant and to earn the respect – however undeserving – of special interests and elites.  But his false posturing and shocking pleas for attention (ie, all of his extreme rhetorical statements, none of which he means) naturally led to his shunning.  For how could they not?  Trump is the boy who cried wolf.  But Trump wouldn’t take exile from his position at the table with the Republican establishment.  He donated thousands of dollars to CPAC and Republican committees, hoping he could buy influence and be ingratiated into the party.

He’s an outsider not by choice, but by his inability to break rank and be accepted.  And so, like any petulant teenager deprived a seat at the cool table, Trump takes to his Twitter bully pulpit to insult.  That’s not a sign of “toughness,” it’s a sign of insecurity.  It’s pathetic.  He whines whenever someone dislikes him.  He’s a weak, feckless bully who wants – desperately – to be part of the establishment.  His campaign is a facade, a lie, a desperate attempt to remain relevant.

Trump isn’t used to being ignored.  Having everything handed to him on a golden plate probably makes him forget that his actions have consequences and ensured that he never lacked attention.  His childish antics result directly from a spoiled upbringing.  No toughness, no bombast, just a childish search for others to like and accept him.

He uses to supporters to inflate his ego, selling people what he knows to be bullshit in return for their pumping up his brand.  Trump runs to show the establishment that he is cool, that he’s a big kid who should be a part of the establishment.  His candidacy is not about ideas.  It’s not about policy or about making America great.  It’s about making Trump great – it’s all about him.

To all Donald Trump supporters: he’s playing you as a fool.  Don’t let him make you look stupid.  Go with policy, not bombast.  Realize the only shits Donald Trump gives are in his diamond crusted toilet made possible by dollars from his schmucks.

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